A Leader in Advanced Business Solutions

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Cloudwick was founded in 2011 by Maninder Chhabra. It is the leader for business and technology services and solutions to the Global 1000. It is the leader in software and advance analytics. With the latest technology Cloudwick helps organizations in all aspects of business including data engineer, architectural, development, consulting, and managed services. It assist businesses ranging from doctors, to phone carrier companies, restaurants, airlines, sports, and retail.

Cloudwick provides numerous efficient services to its clients. Businesses are able to reach a larger audience by going digital and with the help of Cloudwick clients can easily transition information to an advance system to amplify revenue. Businesses can keep track of where increase sales come from and client demographics which gives the organization an insight to maximize profits. The analytics modernization provides business with the ability to gather data digitally to improve targeted area and to strategize marketing.

This leader provides solutions to companies that require extensive help in managing corporate operations to ensure that they are able to remain in competition with other companies. Some of those solutions require numerous services and Cloudwick has the ability and manpower to support those companies in need.

Cloudwick works in conjunction with Amazon for the use of Machine Learning which is a system that allows for easy training to take place, it provides data to clients who wish to expand knowledge. Its purpose is to build, train, and organize learning models. It provides one click training and installment and can be use internationally due to its multiple languages. Enterprises use large amount of data from numerous sources and with Data Lake corporations are able to incorporate data into one system which makes easier to manage. Cyber Security was develop to fight against any threat to an online business. It protects against data loss prevention, malware, and advance persistent threats.


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