The Crossing of Larkin and Lacey with Joe Arpaio

The presidential pardon of Joe Arpaio adds to the list of controversial presidential pardons in history. But a link to the self-titled, ‘toughest sheriff in America’ to the trump administration can be traced. Arpaio was the sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona when he fell on the wrong side of the constitution quite sometimes. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In one of these times, was the unconstitutional arrest and imprisonment of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, owners of Village Voice Media Newspaper. Both living in Phoenix, Arizona, they were charged with disclosing of details of a grand jury investigation.

This came from the fact that they had published an article shedding light on the probe of a grand jury, in the Phoenix New Times. A grand jury was investigating them during that period, and by order of Arpaio, the pair was carried under cover of darkness by Selective Enforcement Unit agents of Maricopa County.

They were detained in prison for 24 days. This, however, was not the first time that they had published an article that had Arpaio involved. After all, sheriff department arrests were not big news. But they were. Other news outlets began publishing work derived from the original work of Lacey and Larkin.

It went ahead and blew up in the news world and got national coverage. But what was so unique about this county sheriff? His infringements on civil rights. He had employed aggressive tactics since taking office in 1992.

Immigrants would be detained based on suspicion and had issued wrong orders and poor conditions against women and inmates in Tent City especially if they were immigrants. Despite from judges like Judge Murray Snow, he still employed his tactics.

He went on to encourage racial profiling, especially of Latinos, among his employees.

Arpaio’s woes continued after being charged with contempt of court in the Melendres suit and when Lacey and Larkin filed a lawsuit against him.

The latter suit was exposing the then sheriff of his malpractices and corruptness. This suit was settled for $3.7 million which the pair used to create Frontera Fund, one of the largest many organizations which have rallied around the Latino community with the goal and promise to help them.

Frontera Fund specifically helps the community in protecting their first amendment right Arpaio despite failing to get the seventh re-election in office, got pardoned by President Trump and this can be linked by the fact that he had endorsed Trump very early in his presidential campaign and Trump hinted that he was going to grant him a pardon.

This means that he will not spend his six months sentence as many would have loved to see him do. Lacey and Larkin met at Arizona State University, and both dropped out of school and teamed up to form Phoenix News Times.

This was a weekly campus paper that came to life as a response to the media’s coverage of student antiwar protests. Lacey started out on executive editing, and Larkin headed advertisement.

The paper grew to explore social and political issues and even went ahead to purchase Westword, a Denver news and arts weekly coverage. They went on to establish a conglomerate of 17 papers in the same line as their from coast to coast.

They then sold Village Voice media to company executives, having gathered an enormous pool of readers and journalistic honors.

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Why Is Whitney Wolfe Now Time’s “Person of the Year”?

The Person Of The Year Award by Time’s Magazine is somebody always inspiring, powerful, and capable of making huge changes in the world and has already made an impact. Whitney Wolfe was recently named the award, and some people aren’t so sure as to why. The truth is the she is making huge waves not just with her dating app but with her inspiring approach to life and business. Whitney Wolfe is an incredible creative human who is always looking for ways to give women the chance they deserve. Here’s just a few reasons why Whitney Wolfe deserves this award:

First of all, she is here to empower women. The app does exactly that. She wants to stop giving men the chance to beat women out and be disrespectful to them even when they don’t deserve to be. Wolfe knows what it’s like to be on an app like LinkedIn which is strictly for business and being a woman receiving gross messages from businessmen when they are completely uncalled for. It astounds her how men can get away with this. This is why Bumble is so strong in its beliefs. It is the one place where she can teach men how to respect women.

Another great thing she does is working with the right people so that Bumble can battle gun violence. It’s sad all of the shootings that have taken place, and she doesn’t want men and women to romanticize the usage of guns in photos. Photos are now currently on caution because Bumble doesn’t accept photos of guns or any form of gun violence in photos anymore. She Whitney Wolfe personally works hard towards donating and working closely with March For Our Lives, an organization for young adults to fight gun violence.

Whitney Wolfe is a woman of her word who just wants t make a difference. Striving for equality, she just genuinely wants to give women that voice that they know they cannot find anywhere else. Bumble is an app with 33 million registered users across over 144 countries worldwide. The app has even added in different versions like Bumble BFF where you can swipe on people to find best friends to hang with. When you move to a new place and you need to make friends, this is the way to go. Meet people for dates or friends through Bumble. They have come up with everything to meet people.

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Eric Lefkofsky: During Adversity, He Finds A Way To Give Back

Eric Lefkofsky is not only known for his numerous successful businesses, but many individuals in the world of business have also heard of Lefkofsky’s many outreach programs in which he is trying and succeeding in giving back to society in many different ways, including cancer research. Eric’s wife Liz has personally been touched by cancer. She had a sister die from cancer at the young age of seven and both Liz and her mother are cancer survivors, with Liz being a breast cancer survivor. Lefkofsky has publicly discussed how scary Liz’s cancer diagnosis was and that the unknown is one of the worst parts.

So, what do you do when you have a world of techonology at your hands and you realize that there is a gap in the formulation of cancer treatment plans? Well, Lefkofsky decided to develop a new operating system that collects data from multiple systems across the country so that doctors treating cancer can go to one place for anatomic and molecular data. This means that the doctors have more information which makes them better informed and they can thus design better treatment plans. The new operating system is called Tempus. In addition to helping design and fund the technological system dubbed Tempus, the Lefkofsky Foundation also funds other avenues of cancer research including the American Brain Tumor Foundation, the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke.

Eric Lofkofsky firmly believes that he should give back and the funding of cancer research and technology is just one way that he and the Lefkofsky Foundation does this. The foundation also donates to educational programs, human right initiatives, and cultural programs. Both Eric and the Lefkofsky Foundation are working to change the world.

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Expanding To Feed More OSI Food Solutions In Europe

Dutch Deli meats maker, Baho Food, impressed the brass at OSI Food Solutions snacks with its wide range of quality products and its huge presence in Europe. Operating under five subsidiaries, with processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands, Baho Food market to 18 European countries. This was just one of the moves made by OSI Group to enhance its reach, deliver the brand further, and achieve its quest of becoming the global leader in processed foods production.

The giant meat processor began its expansion with the acquisition of a processing plant in Chicago that was about to be closed down by Tyson Food Plant. The plant conveniently located close to an already existing OSI Group’s plant in the same state has a floor space of an impressive 20,000 square feet. This boosted the production capacity in Chicago and at the same time gave the company a boost in its goal to meet the rising demand of processed foods not just in the US but across the globe.

OSI Food Solutions also went further and purchased Flagship Europe from its parent company in Denver, Colorado. Renamed Creative Foods Europe, the company is set to bring Souse vide products and condiments to OSI Group’s already impressive product portfolio of meat products. Before being bought by OSI Food Solutions, Flagship Europe had made an earlier purchase of Calder Foods, and this was a bonus as it was in line with OSI Group’s vision of diversification and expansion.

Other than just buying up companies and plants, OSI Food Solutions carried out extensive rehabilitation of its plant at Toledo, Spain. An injection of capital to the tune of €17 million resulted in the addition of 22,000 square feet, and the installation of a high-capacity production line. This, in turn, led to more employment opportunities for the local population and an increment in output capacity, the facility now produces more than 45,000tons of meat products annually.

Not ready to lay back, OSI Group teamed up with Gen OSI opened up an 80,000 square feet meat processing plant at Canlubang Industrial Estate, Laguna in the Philippines. This was the latest in addition to the growing number of facilities carrying the OSI label. As a topping, OSI Food Solutions, UK was rewarded the prestigious Globe of Honor Award by the British Safety Council for its exemplary management of environmental risks.

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OSI Food Solutions Now!

OSI Food Solutions is a privately-owned holding company for meat processing in Aurora, Illinois that has been around since the early 1900’s. Their services are available to retail and food service industries. The company began with a one family meat market, then expanded several years later to wholesale meat trade and relocated to Maywood, Illinois. In 1928 the company name changed to Otto & Sons. Then in 1955 McDonalds opened its first location and chose Otto & Sons as their supplier. By 1973 their first high-volume meat plant was established in West Chicago.

Jump forward to 2011, the company was listed as America’s 136th largest private company with a $3 billion revenue. Then in 2016 Forbes listed OSI in 58th place of largest private companies, coming in at $6.1 Billion in revenue. Also, in 2016 OSI purchased a Dutch food company called Baho Foods in Europe, which provides valuable processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands. As business continues to increase OSI plans to double its chicken production capacity in Spain as the volume of demand for production has doubled. This is also going to increase the amount of jobs available in the area. With the plants in Spain OSI has been able to implement energy efficient equipment, reducing their energy consumption by a fifth of what was previously being used.

In the UK there is a food service supplier, Flagship Europe, who OSI has announced they will be purchasing for an unknown amount. By acquiring Flagship Europe, this will give OSI a larger presence in Europe. Flagship Europe specialized in the distribution of frozen poultry and sous vide items, but also pies, sauces, and dressings. Plus, Flagship Europe recently acquired Calder Foods, so now they are also able to supply sandwich fillings, marinades, sauces, mayonnaise, and dips for the food-to-go segment. With this, everyone is going to benefit as marketplace strength will increase, proposition will increase, new customers and global markets, and customers will be able to be served better.

Now OSI currently sits at having over sixty facilities in sixteen different countries. In the UK the company was presented with the prestigious Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council in 2016. They were presented with the award for showing exemplary management of environmental risks. ISO was only one of eighteen organizations worldwide that was presented with this award. ISO is making all the right steps towards a better future!

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Ara Chackerian: The Rise of Healthcare Startups

Ara Chackerian is a businessman based in San Francisco. He invested in a healthcare startup called the TMS Health Solutions, and as the founder of the company, he is grateful that more people are discovering the services they offer and they are paying to have their mental health checked. Ara Chackerian explained that the healthcare startup is relatively new, compared to other forms of startups. Venture capitalists often look for something to invest in, and for him, the rise of the healthcare startups is an excellent start for those who wanted to become successful investors. The demand for better and more efficient healthcare is on the rise in the United States, and if a company could offer a unique and effective way to treat diseases, they would instantly become a hit.



Years before he established the TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian is thinking about the best ways he can earn money through business startups. There are a lot of choices for him to make, but he gambled with healthcare startups because someone close to him gave him a tip that healthcare startups could become successful in the least amount of time. He was right in making a decision, and the TMS Health Solutions became in demand in just a few months. He is aware that one of the reasons why his business flourished is because he applied the principle to hire talented people to help him with his job and do some unique ways on how the product can be sold to the public. You can visit for more.




The primary services offered by the TMS Health Solutions are the transcranial magnetic stimulation, a new treatment method which uses electromagnetic signals to decrease the level of stress inside the brain. The treatment can also be used to eliminate depressive thoughts and other emotion that stresses out an individual. Once the public knew about the procedure, they immediately set up appointments with the TMS Health Solutions, hoping that they could be treated. Ara Chackerian stated that the healthcare startup industry is on the rise, and many investors should join the bandwagon while it is still early so that they could end up successful as well. You can visit their Facebook page.


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ClassDojo Empowers Teachers, Students and Parents

ClassDojo is the app that is setting the boundaries for better app development and education. It is also providing a better way for parents, teachers and students to all stay connected to what is happening inside the classroom. Teachers also have the ability to connect with other teachers that are using Class Dojo, and this can be something that is monumental for new teachers that have not had a chance to spend much time in the classroom.

The ClassDojo app has made it possible for more people to look at app development as a gateway to strong communication in many different areas. People get a chance to see how other teachers are doing their work if they are in the teaching profession. They have a chance to reach out to experienced teachers when it comes to lesson plans and various activities that can be used in the classroom. This is very helpful for the teacher that is simply trying to find her way when it comes to classroom time with new students.

This element is also incredibly enhanced when you have an app that allows you to put in grades and get things done for your class that can be shared with parents. This opens up a whole new platform where you are able to engage in better communication about the assignments and how the information is being relayed.

This app was released in 2013 on Android systems, and it has continued to grow since inception. This is a California based company and ClassDojo founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary have turned the educational app work upside down.

This provides a whole new way for the teaching environment to improve. There’s often a break down with the teaching environment in the way that kids learn. With ClassDojo teachers can get support from other teachers and get a better grip on the things that may work better. This is essentially one of the best reasons for people to utilize ClassDojo Envy School environment. It is something that is going to empower everyone that uses it. The communication gap is closed with ClassDojo.

Life Principles That Every Business Leader Should Abide By, According To Vijay Eswaran

According to Vijay Eswaran, every leader or successful businessperson has a code of principles that they have to live with. And in most instances, such principles don’t have to be broadcasted on a podium. They reflect on how these leaders interact with their equal and subordinates alike. Such interactions and manifestations of these principles then determine how long one can maintain their leadership post or continue to attract success. This is one of the successful entrepreneur’s keynote messages passed on during his motivational lectures and through books.

The multi-industry investor and world-renown philanthropist even go on to list some principles and life philosophies that he abides with to date. Vijay notes that he draws these from research on the lives of some of the most iconic world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela. Vijay is also persistent of the heights following in the footsteps of these leaders has driven him and hopes every other leader could follow suit. These principles and life philosophies include:

Servant leadership

Vijay Eswaran is constantly getting invites as a keynote speaker or motivational speaker for different institutions. During these tours, the entrepreneur always calls on to his audience to practice servant leadership in all endeavors. He draws examples from some leading world leaders like Mother Teresa and their commitment to service above self. The business leader is also quick to add that true leadership stems from the understanding of how to serve.

Continued self-reflection

A leader must also be self-reflecting. Once in a while, a leader is allowed to sink deep in thought, soul search within them and initiate positive changes targeted at self-correction. Such reflection may be prompted by reactions and comments by those closest to them or self. When it comes to change, leaders should remain positive and welcoming to other people’s ideas as opposed to adopting dictatorial tendencies.

Overcoming personal fears

Through his books and seminars, Vijay Eswaran also reckons that a leader must also be ready to face their own fears and overcome them. He particularly draws this inspiration from Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote that one should strive to “do one thing every day that scares you.” He goes on to describe he has used this principle time and again to overcome most of his fears and always emerged stronger.

More about Eswaran

Vijay is an economist by profession, the founder and current CEO of QI Group. His company has interests in different industries including real estate, direct marketing, and hospitality. He is also an author with several best-sellers under his belt. The entrepreneur has also featured on Forbes top 50 philanthropists list in Asia.

Can U.S. Elections Be Bought, End Citizens United Says So

End Citizens United came about in efforts to combat the way politics was changing. The supreme Court in 2010 made a very big decision that “corporations are people.” The Supreme Court’s decision ultimately allowed for special interests groups to use the wealth of rich donors to sway the way U.S. elections go. The court also allowed for money that is donated to campaigns to have an unlimited amount and have unknown origins of where and who the money came from.

End Citizens United as a political action committee watches very carefully over campaigns, especially campaigns that have candidates running that are associated with the super PAC’s who have a reputation of garnering illegal campaign funds with the goal of buying a winning election in their favor.

Recently, Rick Scott has been on the political action committee’s radar. They have accused Rick Scott of violating the anti-coordination law. He also was the chairman of the New Republican PAC right before he decided to step down to run for the senate seat.

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The communications director for End Citizens United believes strongly that Rick Scott is running with a hidden agenda. The committee finds it ironic that right before he announced he would be running for the senate he stepped down from working the super PAC. That particular super PAC has had ties with campaigns that use funds to buy certain people into office. The political action committee has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission in regards to Rick Scott’s campaign run. The political action committee believe Rick Scott is trying to get around federal limits on the sources of campaign money according to Super PAC’s are allowed to raise money but cannot work directly with the campaign itself. The political action group believe the New Republican super PAC is working directly with Rick Scott’s campaign.

Rick Scott’s campaign has denied very strongly any ties or associations with the super PAC. End Citizens United believes otherwise and purses there complaint with the Federal Election Commission. The Federal Election Commission will have the ultimate say-so in what happens with the alleged wrongdoings of Rick Scott and his campaign.

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Fortress Investment Group And Its Latest Development In The Field Of Direct Lending

The investment management company Fortress Investment Group has been in the global business of handling various alternative assets in liquid hedge funds and credit funds. They’ve been in the industry so long already that it has already built a reputation of stability and robustness that is rare among private equity firms based in New York.

You probably already heard about Fortress Investment Group’s recent involvement with Softbank. The latter is already making Fortress a part of its operations, but still divesting Fortress with an independent reputation to continue its impressive work. However, the latest news probably you haven’t heard about the Softbank-owned Fortress Investment Group is the $2B funding the company seeks for its direct lending fund ventures.

On the May 22, 2018 report from Melissa Mittelman at Deal Street Asia, it was revealed that according to anonymous sources, Fortress is already aiming to gain a $2 billion investment for its first-ever project dedicated to answering the needs and demands of direct lending. You can also see Fortress Investment Group doing its best to attract about $5 billion investments for its fifth flagship credit programs that give various clients the opportunities to loan capital.

Fortress Investment Group is confident that it can hit its target goals with such initiative to attract capital for its programs. With their newly promoted leaders such as Josh Pack and Drew McKnight to manage the companies’ partners in the credit department, the firm can make sure that they can hit their investment goals to expand the company’s reach in the market.

The market right now is also full of restrictions that hinder people’s lending opportunities. This is the reason that those investors who are hungry to grow their assets see the possibilities at Fortress Investment as a great alternative to deploy cash and capital.

The Winter Olympics

One of the other strengths right now of Fortress Investment is the fact that in 2010, Fortress was able to be the primary lender for the Millenium Development Group and was the main entity responsible for the construction of the $875 million (CAD) athlete’s village to be used for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia. There were challenges in the process of the lending, but consequently, Fortress was successful in being able to push through such investment, and is now the owner of the Olympic Village.

The Key People

It would be hard to imagine the success that Fortress Investment has enjoyed over the years without the diligent work of the key people behind the strategies of the firm. Some of the key people in the firm include Randal A.Nardone, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder and Principal of Fortress Investment. Wesley R. Edens is also the Co-founder and principal, while Peter L.Briger is the company’s principal. The Board of Directors includes Wesley Edens, Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, David Barry, Douglas Jacobs and Michael Rantz. All of these people work their best not just to keep the operations of Fortress smooth and productive, but also ensure that Fortress doesn’t incur hidden risks that accumulate and threaten the existence of the firm itself.

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