Robert Santiago legacy as the owner of Manaira shopping mall

Roberto Santiago is the owner and the manager of the largest shopping mall in Brazil which is located in Paraiba State. He has a successful history which tells more about his hard work and determination which has made him become who he is today. He was born from a very humble background in Joao Pessoa. After completing his high school, he went to one of the Joao Pessoa colleges called Pio X-Marist College, but he did not stop there. He wanted to create some satisfaction for his interest in business, and therefore he had to seek more knowledge in class. He, thus, went to University Center of Joao Pessao where he attained his undergraduate degree in Business administration.

Roberto Santiago joined one of the manufacturing companies in Brazil where he worked after completing his education. He worked there for a short period in which he was learning and getting skills on how to run a business of his own. He went ahead to satisfy his interest in business by staring his own company which specialized in selling cartons that were made from cardboard. He named this company Cartonnage Company. The company grew rapidly due to the management and entrepreneurial skills that Roberto Santiago portrayed.

As a good business manager, Roberto Santiago always made the right decisions and sound strategic plans. The right plans have a lot of benefits in any business one of them is ensuring efficient utilization and allocation of the resources. The profits that he gained in the Cartonnage Company he put them to good use by investing in the Real Estate.

It is this interest and experience in the Real Estate that gave him the idea of buying land in which Manaira Mall is built today. It took him not more than two years to build and launch the mall. Today, Manaira Mall is one of the largest malls in Brazil that is used for recreation among other activities. It holds a theatre, a college, a food court, one of the largest halls in Brazil that are used to host concerts, weddings, exhibitions among other activities.

The mall has brought about a lot of positive implications in Paraiba Estate as well as Brazil as a whole. The mal itself has created employment opportunities for a significant number of residents. A lot of investors have also had a lot of interest to invest in the mall since people will always want to be associated with winners. Besides, the mall has also attracted a lot of economic activities around the areas surrounding it. It has also led to improvement in the infrastructure of the area because of increased economic activities.

Manaira Mall has created a significant contribution to the economic growth and development of Brazil as a country which has made a very prominent entrepreneur in the country who is recognized and appreciated by the whole society of Brazil.


Robert Deignan and ATS Digital Services Leading From the Front

Robert Deignan is proud that his firm, Advanced Tech Support also known as ATS Digital Services, is the first call center company to be certified to provide premium support services to the client software applications by AppEsteem Corporation. AppEsteem is a firm that was established by a group of Microsoft cybersecurity experts to certify applications and other related services. The certificate is handed out to a firm that has met all the 39 compliance parameters required by AppEsteem.


Deignan stated that comprehensive customer-focused compliance is the cornerstone of ATS. He noted that the firm had already met some of AppEsteem Corporation’s requirements at the beginning of the year and it was only a matter of time and commitment before they met the remaining ones to be certified. These requirements are based on the inputs from the law enforcement, the software industries, government regulators, security firms, consumer groups and call centers. These requirements along with others are meant to build a more healthy and sustainable software downloading industry while protecting the consumer.


About ATS

This is a firm that provides premium digital support services to clients worldwide. The Florida based company is committed to ensuring that the customers get quality products and services. The company is also interested in keeping its clients happy as this is among its highest priorities. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has given technical support to a countless number of clients. Being the only certified firm in its field, it is expected that it will attract more clients and open doors for new businesses.


About Robert Deignan

Robert attended the Purdue University in 1992 and graduated with a B.S in Business Management in 1995. Shortly after finishing his education, he co-founded Fanlink Inc. in 1998 where he worked until early 2001. In mid-2002, Robert joined iS3 inc. as the executive vice president a position he would hold until July 2011. In August 2011, Robert Deignan co-established ICE, LLC which was later renamed to ATS Digital Services, LLC. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company. Apart from business, he also finds time to take part in water sports and boat building where he has even won a few awards.

Bumble Focuses On Female Based Dating And Whitney Wolfe Changes The Culture

When people hear about dating apps today the popular app that gets dropped in most conversations, easily, is Bumble. This not a coincidence in any way. This has become the app that is getting a great amount of recognition because it is geared towards a large crowd of people that are focused on a new concept in dating.

There are employees like Alex Williamson, Tessa Jacobs and Katherine Rainey that work in the Austin office with Whitney Wolfe. She is the girl that that became a woman that has now started to lead feminist movement, and her fans love her for this.

The thing that Whitney does not often get the proper credit for is her co-founding role at Tinder. Wolfe would have the last laugh as she settled for an unclosed amount that some say made her a millionaire.

She would also have access to the stocks that were part of the final settlement. So now Wolfe, ironically, has stock in the company that she competes against. This is something powerful because Whitney Wolfe has her own independent company, but she also has a claim in the stocks for the Match Group since it is the parent company for Tinder.

Right now Wolfe is in the perfect position because she is not part of the Match group. The Match Group is a huge company that has all of the popular dating apps under this umbrella. This is the parent company for Tinder, OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish. This company even tried to buy Bumble from Whitney Wolfe. She declined. She wanted to stay on the outer perimeter of the dating app group of companies that were all under one roof.

What Wolfe realized was that there was going to be a level of independence with her own company that she could not get if she allowed the company to be purchased by Match. This is why she declined the offer, and so far it has been a good thing because it proves that a feminist app can survive in a world that is filled with male-dominated apps.

Whitney Wolfe has continued to push the innovation envelope and become a very important part of app environment for all those that wanted to say something that was different from what they were used to. The Bumble app is an original among a sea of subpar dating app clones.

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Impressionable Facts About End Citizens United

End Citizens is financed by grassroots in the United States and the political forum is mainly focused on advocating for changes in the decision of the Supreme Court for political groups funding political forums for ulterior motives. The group has for the last three years strived to bring justice in the United States politics and it has successfully accomplished most of their missions. Besides, it has tried to see pre-forum candidates elected in the country so as to bring change and legit leadership, which is focused on improving the lives and meeting the needs of the people of the United States.

End Citizens has proved their commitment towards bringing changes in the Supremes’ court decisions, evident from their social media page, through which they advocate for meaningful expenditure among political forums and insists that they are ready to support pre-reform candidates that are willing to spend money in a meaningful manner, rather than for the benefit of their own.

End Citizens heavily relies on funds and support from Grassroot activists, which has seen the forum move fast towards accomplishing their mission. The firm recently submitted their latest filing with the Federal Elections Commission and looks forward to seeking justice and transparency in the expeditors in the country. The donors of the forum are highly dedicated to bringing the best out of End Citizens, and they are the major reason why the forum has gained a lot of fame in the United States.

Transparency has been the major focus of the group, with a significant number of its members striving to trace the way money is spent by political candidates in the country to avoid wastage of resources. They all insist that money should be spent according to the law to avoid heavy budgets and untraceable expenditures in the country that would see the American citizens incur heavy taxes as a result.

The great dedication of End Citizens towards advocating for transparency is also evident in the team they have gathered to make their voice heard among many Americans. The team entails Veteran Democratic Operatives, who also have a great commitment towards getting people understand the influence of money in politics and ways through which they can stop unnecessary expenditures in the country so as to avoid corruption and unlawful acts among politicians. Besides, the board of directors in the End Citizens team have also shown a great dedication towards the selection of democratic champions that will restore power to the local citizens and everyone in the country.

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Talkspace: Innovative Messaging Application

Talkspace is a company that invested in the creation of a system that would allow therapies to be conducted through the use of mobile devices. Their unique innovation of a traditional setting resulted in the increasing instance of their application being downloaded. People who have used Talkspace confirmed that after speaking with their therapists, they managed to feel better and their minds felt clearer. For first time users, all they have to do is to download the application to their mobile devices. As an alternative, they can also use their computers to go directly to the Talkspace website, and there is comprehensive and detailed information on how they can start availing of their program.

For those who have already registered online, the first thing that they have to do is to chat with a random therapist and explain their situation. They can be vague or detailed, depending on the situation they are in too. After sharing their problems with a random therapist, they will be partnered with the best therapist who can handle their situation. These come with a price, but the amount that will be paid for by someone who is seeking therapy would be worth it because they will be handled by the best person available. When the patient and the therapist have been introduced to each other, the session will begin, and they will be able to speak with each other over the device.

According to those who have tried using the service from Talkspace, it gives them a new insight into life, and they loved the fact that they can chat their therapists every time they wanted. With Talkspace, therapists can also be called through video calling, and they will be able to speak with their patients to determine what they feel and what their situation is like. What’s good about Talkspace is that the platform will be responsible for doing a strong bond between the patient and their therapist, and those who have used it highly recommend it. Talkspace is expected to change the way people are dealing with their problems, and some are also saying that it will be the norm in the future.


At the core of Seattle Genetics are human antibodies. The company studies, manipulate and finally packages drugs. In the company’s capability of connecting to other things is where their power lies. The cancer cell is destroyed from within by the toxins released from the antibody. Seattle Genetics is ranked the largest biotech in Washington. It has a workforce of 900 employees and a market value of approximately 10 billion dollars. It has also heavily invested in research and marketing in a bid to graduate from a biotech company to a pharmaceutical firm.

Seattle Genetics’ leading drug, Adcetris, treats Hodgkin lymphoma and its sales could begin if the tests being undertaken come out positive. The company’s CEO, Clay Siegall, cites that it is an emerging global, multiproduct and oncology company. The numerous drugs are evidence of his ambitions to grow the company to something greater. Siegall offered 2 billion dollars to acquire global rights that would enable him to commercialize the cancer drug that was developed by a New Jersey immunomedics. The deal however never went through after Clay retreated after a judge’s ruling.

With 46 percent growth from 2014, Seattle Genetics made sales of around 418 million dollars in 2016. Its stock prices have grown more than thrice within five years. It has mainly concentrated on a drug known as an antibody-drug conjugate which targets antigens. According to Siegall of their 11 drugs, 4 have a higher probability of immediate sales. The first is Adcetris; second is 33A, 22ME and lastly LIV1 which targets breast cancer. Despite the political and economic climate, Seattle remains stable.

Founder, President, and CEO of Seattle Genetics Clay Siegall is a graduate who pursued a degree leading to BSc in Zoology from the University Of Maryland. In 1998 Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. Under his supervision, Seattle Genetics has been able to diversify and build antibody-based cancer therapies and acquire over 675 million dollars through private and public financings.

Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay was working with the National Institutes of Health. From 1991 to 1997 he worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. In Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics, Clay is a member of the Board of Directors. At Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre he is on the Board of Governors. He has not only authored over 70 publications, but he also holds 15 patents.

Logan Stout; Former Pro Athlete, Author, And CEO Of IDLife

Logan Stout is a former professional baseball player who later explored new opportunities and is currently the founder and CEO of IDLife. He is a well established entrepreneur and a man of integrity. Stout is known to be all about the idea of helping others and building character. He is intrigued by many subjects and has generated billions of dollars in revenue from his many endeavors.

A prime example which proves the kind heart of Stout is the fact that he founded an organization based solely on mentoring and leading young people called the Dallas Patriots. This baseball organization is centered around training youth to be better athletes, as well as better people in society. The goal Logan Stout had in mind was to change younger minds for the better, and make a positive difference. His dedication to helping others just goes to prove the fact that he cares about building others up- not breaking them down.

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This entrepreneur also has two sons with his wife Haley and they reside in the city of Frisco, Texas. He often is found to make many appearances in local television programs, radio stations, magazines, and other platforms with large audiences. He is a huge inspiration to many and was even named “Man of the Year” by Philadelphia Life Magazine.

Because of his athletic past, Stout has always been a fan of nutrition and health, so it makes sense that he would start up a business like IDLife. With his great education on the subject of health and whatnot, it is no surprise that customers are constantly coming to his products. The guy really knows what he’s talking about.

Logan is also constantly coming up with ideas to keep him going. In an interview, Stout stated that “Brainstorming is one of my favorite things to do.” With the constant inflow of ideas, there is no question as to why Logan Stout is so successful. He constantly feeds his mind with ideas and he claims to firmly believe in the statement “thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits and habits lead to results.”

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