David McDonald: A Major Reason For The OSI Group’s Growth

Iowa native David McDonald has spent the last 30 years working his way up through the ranks of global food processing company OSI Group. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in animal science in 1987, McDonald started at the company as a project manager. Through his knowledge and unmatched work ethic, McDonald has gone on to become Chief Operating Officer and president. Drawing on the international food service industry experience he has gained at the OSI Group, David McDonald has been chosen by the North American Meat Institute to serve as their chairman.

The success OSI Group has enjoyed as a premier food provider in the global food processing market is due in part to the over three decades David McDonald has spent there. He has helped the company to make their vision of becoming a world leader and have tremendous growth possible. McDonald’s ‘can-do’ work ethic and entrepreneurial passion have been very instrumental in helping the company reach its goal to deliver much more to their global customers than their competition can. This has helped to make David McDonald and the OSI Group stand out in today’s crowded international food services industry.

McDonald has worked patiently to ensure the company exceeds customer expectations. Drawing on the vast resources of the OSI Group, he has aided the company in creating foods specifically designed and produced to meet the unique tastes of consumers from a wide variety of cultures. This type of dietary specificity has made it easier for the products the OSI Group produces to be embraced by customers all around the world. McDonald has helped the company to be flexible and responsive to the specific needs of the wide range of customers they serve. This has helped to make the OSI Group a food industry giant.

Two more of the unique talents David McDonald has that have helped the OSI Group to succeed in diverse markets around the world is his ability to work hand-in-hand with governmental agencies and local supplies. Plus, his dedication to listening to customers and offering products that meet their expressed needs and desires. Add David McDonald’s vast technical skills and his commitment and ability to quickly and effectively address the many challenges the company faces and it’s easy to see why he has been able to steadily rise through the ranks of the OSI Group to become its COO and president.

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OSI Group: Taking the Lead in Food Solutions

Food solutions are the part of the food industry people don’t fully understand. It’s not that hard to understand; it’s just all the big corporate names and standards that throw people off. Most of the confusion comes from small food companies’ marketing strategies.

Smaller food companies boast that only their products are fresh and healthy, which shines a bad light on corporate food solutions. In most cases, the larger food companies supply foods to grocery stores and private institutions, like schools and prisons that have their food delivered. Realizing the big-food industry isn’t the monster small artisan companies paint them to be, people can better understand what goes on behind closed doors.

One of the top food solutions company is OSI Group. That name doesn’t sound familiar, but it’s actually one of the largest privately held food companies in the industry. To see their name, consumers would have to read the small print on the packaging.

Nevertheless, OSI Group is one of the most revolutionary food companies in the industry right now. Their customers like working with them because of their offer the largest span of services to bring their food ideas to life.

That kind of innovative and dedicated service to their customers and consumers is why OSI Group wins so many awards. Recently, their UK branch, OSI Food Solutions UK, won the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor Award. The award was given to them in 2016 at a luncheon the British Safety Council hosts every year.

That particular year, the luncheon was at Drapers’ Hall in London. OSI Group was not the only company to win an award. Eighteen other companies won similar awards for similar reasons. The Globe of Honor Award is given to the company that displays the best environmental risk management strategy.

Before winning the award, OSI Group was given a five-star rating by the British Safety Council. They give these stars based on strict criteria that take into account the company’s conscious effect on the environment. The more risk management the company displays, the higher the star rating.

Every year, the British Safety Council audits different firms and determines their star rating. All of the companies that were nominated alongside OSI Group also had a five-star rating.


The Fortress Investment Group Through Hard Work, Makes Money The Old Fashion Way

Peter Briger’s foundation for his financial and business success was a B.A. granted by Princeton in 1986. His business acumen was groomed at the Wharton School of business at the University of Pennsylvania, and his education was finely tuned by fifteen years of employment at Goldman, Sachs & Co. In 1996 Briger became a partner at Goldman Sachs.

At Goldman Sachs, Briger was on numerous committee which included the Japan Executive Committee, Global Control, and Compliance Committees and the Asian Management Committee. He also was a leader, when at the firm, sharing the responsibilities to head such groups as the:

• Whole Loan Sales and Trading business
• Asian Real Estate Private Equity business
• Asian Distressed Debt business
• Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC
• Fixed Income Principal Investments Group

Peter Briger was making the full use of his talents when he joined Fortress Investment Group in March of 2002. He was a member of Fortress Management Committee since 2002. Fortress Investment Group LLC was first established as a private equity firm in 1998. In 2007 Briger helped Fortress completes its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Fortress Investment Group recognized Briger’s talent and was chosen by Fortress to be its Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer. Briger currently is the head of Fortress’s real estate and credit fund business which are divisions of the Fortress Investment Group. The investment group specializes in illiquid investments and distressed debt. While Briger enthusiastically supports the Bitcoin, major Wall Street investors are leery of the bitcoin and find that this cybercurrency is overvalued and the bubble is about to burst.

While Forbes Billionaire list has not presently named him, Briger’s position on the list, in 2007 and 2008, had moved from a high of 317 to a low of 962. His present net worth has been calculated between one to two billion dollars when he was named to the Forbes Billionaire List. Briger is not presently named to the list. Briger has a multimillion salary, which does not include the value of his stock in the Fortress Investment Group. Forbes names Peter Briger Jr. as a member of its Top 400 Business Professionals. Because of the leadership of Briger at Fortress, its employees and interns have high regard for the experiences they have received. Fortress is said to recognize hard-work and dedication.

Mr. Briger paid his respect to Princeton by his participation in his support of Princeton’s Entrepreneurship Program by establishing a pilot program for entrepreneurs and startups. Princeton’s students, in a more protective environment, will learn how to operate and maintain a business.

Peter Briger currently serves on the board of directors of The Grace Wilsey foundation, Tipping Point, which helps San Francisco’s low-income families and Caliber Schools, which is the network of charter schools having a goal in preparing children for college.

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Boraie Development Offers Working Moms Great Opportunity

Boraie Development is a real estate company based in New Jersey. The company has expanded over the past few years. Boraie Development is helping many people in the community. The company recently announced a few jobs that would be great for working mothers. These jobs do not require the worker to come into the office. Working from home is ideal for many people.


Many moms need to spend more time with their kids. However, the cost of daycare means that they have to work long hours in stressful jobs. Boraie Development wants to help people with this issue. Boraie Development has a daycare on site for working mothers who come into the office. The company also offers plenty of positions where people can work remotely.



Idea for This Program


Boraie Development is a company that spends a lot of time and resources in the local community. Omar Boraie founded the company many years ago. Since that time, he has worked hard to make the company a positive aspect of the city. He firmly believes that companies should invest time and money into the local community.


He noticed that many working moms seem to be stressed. He decided to offer a solution for people who wanted to have children and maintain a career. According to pressofatlanticcity.com, this remote working program has been an enormous success so far.



Real Estate Growth


Boraie Development has multiple plans for expansion. The company has an excellent reputation in the local community, and the company also has a strong balance sheet. Some people suspect that the company will acquire a smaller real estate company in the area. Anyone who wants to work for a growing company that genuinely cares about employees should consider Boraie Development. The new program for working moms is a proven way for people to have more balance in their life.







Jeremy Goldstein Skips All the Negativity

There’s so much negativity around stock options and the stock market, in general. It’s not anyone’s fault that people don’t trust the markets anymore; it’s just a different generation. The older generation grew up learning about investing and preparing for retirement. The new generation only knows about spending money and trying to live in luxury.

If people aren’t trying to live the high life, they’re just working so hard; they don’t think about what’s going to happen when they’re forced to retire. It’ used to be that people thought about retirement because they had stock options they could look at and work out how much money they had at that moment.

These days, the gap between people and the stock market means that stock options aren’t as favorable. People prefer benefits like higher wages or better insurance over potential stock value. It’s just a hard fact that stocks can and do drop and become worthless.

Is fear a good reason to not provide stock options? That can’t be the only reason corporations stopped offering stock options, and it’s not. Corporations have many reasons they’ve stopped providing stock options and tax burdens play a big role in many of their decisions. Learn more: https://lawyers.justia.com/lawyer/jeremy-goldstein-1275422

They’re not getting rid of stock options to save money; it’s all the red tape and long hours they no longer want to deal with. By the time their accountants work everything out, stock options may not be worth the trouble. In some cases, it’s easier to eliminate stock options and offer higher salaries.

Regardless of what people may think, stock options have more advantages than disadvantages. It’s important that companies talk with their accountants and discuss all types of stock options; yes, there’s more than one kind. That’s something many corporations don’t think about before going with a different compensation method.

A driving force supporting stock options is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, which he founded after working at a similar law firm and learning the tricks of the trade. Now, Jeremy Goldstein is New York’s top advisor when it comes to employee benefits.

Jeremy Goldstein also writes and speaks on matters of executive compensation and corporate governance.