Louis ChĂȘnevert Reminisces On His Career at United Technologies Corporation and Gives Advice for Success as an Entrepreneur:

Louis R. ChĂȘnevert is a Canadian businessman most well known for his time as Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1958 and in 1979 earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in production management from HEC Montreal. In 2011, HEC awarded his a doctorate honoris causa. In 2014 Concordia University honored him with the same distinction. Prior to his time at United Technologies, Louis worked for General Motors and Pratt & Whitney Canada.

In a recent interview, Louis spoke about his career at United Technologies and his philosophy on life. He also offered some insider advice on how young entrepreneurs can become successful in the business world. Regarding his career at United Technologies, he emphasized that the focus was always on understanding and meeting customer needs. This emphasis, combined with a passion for innovation and creation of game-changing products is what has made the company so successful.

Louis takes a lot of pride in the significant accomplishments that were made during his tenure there. These accomplishments include revolutionary engine development with the F135 that redefined the military propulsion segment and winning the rights to the next generation of Gulfstream G500 and G600 which displaced the monopoly that Rolls Royce held for decades in the large business segment. Louis also speaks about the fact that United Technologies took part in the largest acquisition ever at the time with the takeover of Goodrich Aerospace. He then went on to talk about the things that excited him while he was with UT. He emphasizes that it was really all about operational talent and engineering in order to deliver the kind of results that consistently exceeded customer expectations.

This attitude, along with embracing the fact that technology is advancing at a rapid rate allowed United Technologies to accelerate its own momentum by embracing this constant change, rather than fighting against it. When speaking about his philosophy on entrepreneurship and what advice he would give to the next generation, Louis offered several points. Focus and relentless follow up combined with passion and optimism. Above all, he notes that if you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to have the right team behind you. Build a team that can overcome the hurdles that the business world will throw at companies and be an inspiring leader who lets his people know that they are appreciated. Finally, he reminds the reader that business is all about delighting your customers.


Ricardo Tosto: Getting Quality Advice From An Experienced Business Lawyer

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Boraie Development Takes Atlantic City Real Estate Market by Storm

Investors are always looking for money to invest in the markets that seem to be profitable. If you need your investment to be safe, you have to look at the industry you are choosing keenly so that you do not make any mistakes that will cost you your money. In the United States, the most profitable market is considered to be real estate. Apart from being highly profitable, the industry demands a lot of capital and time from the people who are interested. Investors who are in this sector have always made a lot of wealth, even when the markets are experiencing trouble. When the financial crisis took place a decade ago, the few people who ended up with some profits are those that had invested their wealth in real estate.


There are thousands of real estate companies that are found in different parts of the United States. These companies are funded by both public and private sources, and they are all looking forward to transform the lives of Americans by constructing affordable and high quality housing. The competition in the construction industry is out of this world. Companies in real estate are always looking for ways of increasing their services to consumers and outdoing each other. Some of the companies that are performing well in the market are the ones that have understood the needs of their customers. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Boraie Development is a modern real estate firm that is also found in the United States. The company came into the market after its founder learnt that his region did not have the modern housing found in many parts of the world. Sam Boraie did not like the fact that his area was always lagging behind when it came to development just because there were no modern housing and lighting. The businessman started a mission to change the city, and he has never been disappointed. The company has been performing so well over the years. Check out State Theatre New Jersey to see more.


When the company recently announced that it had completed an apartment complex that will meet the consumer demands, the people living in Atlantic City were not shocked. The company said that the apartment will be opening very soon, and consumers who need modern housing should start flocking the area. Apart from being affordable to consumers, the apartments that were recently completed have several features that will excite the city residents. The experts working at Boraie Development are excited to be part of the new project.



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