USHealth Group’s H.O.P.E Values Translate Into Wins For Their Employees and Communitiy

Randy Hildebrandt was born in Texas. While a student at Anderson Shiro High School, his ability to throw 92 mph fastballs brought him a lot of celebrity at a very young age.

While looking at a successful career in sports, he threw out his shoulder during his senior year. The surgery was a success and allowed him to get back to his baseball passion, making the team at Blinn College in Brenham, TX. Randy’s hopes were dashed when his shoulder gave out again, this time permanently.

He became an economics and business major and began taking work as a bartender and waiting tables. Looking to make his transition into the business world, Randy put his resume’ on and, not really knowing what to expect. Read more about USHealth Group at

Out of the blue he got a call from a recruiter who thought that Randy would be perfect for an insurance sales job. Uncertain of his abilities and lack of experience, Randy debated with the hiring manager who eventually convinced him that he could do the job.

For a good part of his first year and without knowing anything about the industry he found himself employed, Randy drove 200 miles to attend his weekly company meetings.

Frustrated and on the verge of quitting, Randy’s coworker talked him into meeting with the company’s CEO, Troy McQuagge, who saw the potential in Randy, bringing him into USHEALTH Advisors, where Randy became a Satellite Division Leader. Today, Randy is one of the top leaders and performers at USHEALTH, a success he attributes to not losing hope, persevering against the odds, being willing to take risks and “learning from the big dogs [at USHEALTH].”

At USHealth Group staff, management and even independent contractors abide by the company’s H.O.P.E., Helping Other People Everyday, philosophy.

Community examples of USHealth Group’s fulfilling of their H.O.P.E. mission have been donating clothing, new shoes, baby formula and critical supplies to The Crisis Nursery. The firm came together to provide assistance to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, rebuilding many destroyed homes. USHealth Group has also generously contributed financially to support the families of children with cancer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Today, USHealth Group is 10 times the size it was when McQuagge joined. The Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Clarke attributes the company’s success to its soul, embodied in their H.O.P.E. values.

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STMicroelectronics Grows the Future of Automobiles and Computer Networks

The production of MEMS chips is a highly competitive environment internationally. STMicroelectronics has had the same CEO for the past 11 years. The company has shown 20% declines for the last five years; still it is poised for growth. For the third quarter, last year STMicroelectronics was expected to generate gross margins of 35%. 2017. Almost immediately, the stock price rose 10%.

Today, analysts are watching STMicroelectronics (STM) closely since their initial IPO in 1994. The CEO, Carlo Bozotti started out at SGS Microelettronica. It later merged with STMicro becoming STMicroelectronics. STMicroelectronics began as a $25 billion company in 1994 and has since slipped down to a value of $4-9 billion. Still, at least two of its original stock owners still believe in STMicroelectronics, Italy and France, which together own 27% of its stock.

STMicroelectronics is poised to grow astronomically going forward because of what it makes and how those MEMS chips will play in the future. These sensors along with their intellectual property hold extreme value for their use in automobiles and networking applications in computers. All MEMS chips makers are showing potential for growth. This includes the stocks listed: NXP Semiconductors (NXPI), Texas Instruments (TXN), Broadcom (AVGO), Invensense (INVN) and Qorvo (QRVO).

STMicroelectronics’ MEMS chips use in automobiles involves the management of technologies covering vehicle safety, connectivity and their greener operation. Their ICs Transceivers can measure the distance between automobiles and other objects. Its motion sensors can assist applications like navigation and dashboard cameras. It also aids in the functioning of the in-vehicle communication networks. The automotive connectivity of the telematics processor is made to process high-quality video, images and audio. STMicroelectronics’ Silicone Carbide (SiC) solution makes it possible to experience a low power loss when switching from gas to electric in hybrid vehicles. Possibly STM’s most important contribution is its steady contribution of many of the key technologies that will have vehicles driving autonomously in the very near future.

STMicroelectronics is used in a humanoid robot featuring 50 of their products to operate. This highlights the company’s mastery of smart automation. Its artificial intelligence neural networks run on their STM32 microcontrollers and a dedicated System-on-Chip (SoC) help accomplish computerized vision tasks. Each year STMicroelectronics moves us forward and does more to force the growth of the following technologies: Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR), Voice Control, Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Charging, Safety, Connected Technologies, and Services for Mobility.

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Stream Energy Illinois Expansion

Steam Energy is a service providing energy and a multitude of other services around the US. Stream Energy was founded in 2004 and is located in Dallas, Texas. Aside from energy, the majority of Stream’s services are available all over the United States. Energy is only available in select energy markets. Stream became licensed in 2005 as a retail electric provider and has been growing as a company ever since through its associate recruitment techniques ( Stream Energy has expanded its services to sell energy in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Washington D.C. All of the other services that Stream Energy provides are available across the nation.

A multi-level marketing technique provides Stream with a powerful business model. In the past few years, Stream has merged its branded marketing arm, Ignite, into the Stream system. Associates working for Stream Energy can earn commission from both customer sales and/or recruit new team members. Through its ever-growing team and energy sales, Stream Energy is on its way to becoming the largest direct selling energy company. Stream Energy strives to provide customers with a variety of inexpensive energy products and plans. Consumers can connect easily with Stream Energy associates through various media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Stream Energy has recently expanded its powering to Illinois. Illinois marks the seventh state in which Stream’s energy retail provider is located. President and CEO of Stream, Lary Mondry, has stated that this has been planned for quite some time and he is excited to make Illinois a part of the Stream family. Expanding to Illinois will give consumers access to Stream Energy’s services at 2% below the incumbent. Consumers will be given the option of choosing a 6 or 12-month fixed-rate electric plan.

This new expansion will also allow Stream Energy associates to grow their businesses. Associates now have the option of recruiting a multitude of new sales associates in Illinois. The launch event for Stream Energy services in Illinois will be held on January 13, 2018, at the Navy Pier in Chicago.

Jorge Moll – How Contributing To Other’s Happiness Helps Us

Jorge Moll, MD., PhD.,

Experimental Pathophysiology

Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit

Head – D’Or Institute for Research and Education, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,


Dr. Moll studied and wrote about how giving makes us have a happy feeling and is good for us and our community. We can feel this within our bodies and can see this in brain scans. When these feelings occur certain parts of the brain light up in the pleasure areas and a euphoria is felt. Dr. Moll and his colleagues conducted a study at a national health institute in 2006. The study revealed when people give it activates regions of the brain and creates the “warm glow” response. They found that endorphins are released into the brain which makes the person feel positive and causes a feeling of “helper’s high.” Giving physically feels good and you know it. We have learned all our lives that giving feels better than receiving and yes there is something to that (LikePage).


Dr. Moll went on to say that giving gives us a feeling of happiness, giving makes us healthy, cooperation and social connection are a part of giving, and we are gracious when we give. Cultivating gratitude causes a person to feel more optimistic, and feel better about their themselves and their lives overall. Also, giving is contagious. Every person can influence one or even hundreds of people. “Warm-glow giving” attempts to explain why people give to charity. Why do we help when it sometimes costs us money? It is because our brains have evolved to maximize our own survival.


Giving also releases the chemical Oxytocin, a feeling of warmth and connection. When we give to others we feel closer to them as well. People who perform good deeds have the sensation of “Helper’s high”. Helping others we can forget ourselves and our own specific problems. It happens when people perform good deeds for others. So go to homeless shelters and serve meals and share. Donate your unused clothes and household items that you no longer use to Goodwill stores or the Salvation Army. So do something.

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How MB2 Dental is Bringing a Change in Dental Practice

Doctors have hectic schedules. These professionals work day and night just to make sure that their patients get the best treatment. The health of the patients means a lot to the doctors. Dentists are very dedicated to their work too. Sometimes, however, they can get too overwhelmed by the numerous duties they have to carry out. When the doctors are too busy, they do not have enough time to attend to the patients, and Chris Vikllanueva’s lacrosse camp.

MB2 Dental is a professional body that was founded by a renowned doctor Chris Villanueva. The businessman and doctor had worked as an active practitioner in the market for a very long time, and he had realized that dentists were facing a lot challenges in the course of their work. The doctor always had a vision of ensuring that patients get only the best services from doctors who are in sole practice and corporate industries. Villanueva had spent his active career in both sectors, and he knew the hurdles the dentists are going through. Chris was equipped with all the knowledge needed to start a dentist network without compromising the quality and integrity of the profession.

Running such an organization is not a walk in the park. Villanueva and his team at the company have so many responsibilities. MB2 Dental ensures that they offer the support needed by the doctors without any strings attached. The organization has done its best to support the professionals in the area by opening more than seventy locations in various parts of the world. The group is currently serving people in more than six states in the country. MB2 Dental currently has five hundred and thirty employees who work as a close-knit family, and

The leadership of the company has played a vital role in the success of the successful network. The management does its best to make sure that the doctors are given the support needed in the workplace. MB2 Dental offers exemplary better services than other facilities in so many ways. First of all, the official activities that are carried out by doctors are given top priority. Villanueva has seen the challenges that the traditional management organizations experience, and he has done his best to avoid these hurdles. In the course of his career, the successful dentist has been focusing on making the lives of the patients better. This passion has been instrumental in the success of the network. The expertise of the employees in the company has helped it to come its current level, and more information click here.

The Role of USHEALTH in Promoting Positive Living through Insurance

USHealth is involved in the provision of services to its clients and in teaching them. It comprises of a diverse team of experts that realized that they are more efficient when the work as teams and not as individuals. The organization believes in the creation of positive differences in the people’s lives. Troy McQuagge started the organization in 2010. Since then, the company which operates under the name of USHEALTH Group, Inc. has witnessed a tremendous growth in the since inception in 2010 to this day. The company deals with products such as the dental insurance, personal health insurance, fixed indemnity insurance, multiple illnesses protection and accident cover among others. The company’s philanthropic gesture is evidenced in the activities that focus on helping the less fortunate in the society, such as the HOPE kids Arizona. Follow USHealth Advisors on Twitter

A year later when the company opened another branch near North Texas headquarters for the organization, he again donated over $45,000. The main mission of the company is to spread hope among the citizens. The CEO of the institution stated that their company has a soul and that is why it disseminates information about hope, to make people see the world in another way on his own. USHEALTH works closely with the qualified experts to teach other people to spread the message of hope. The insurance solutions offered by a tailor-made for the insurance solution companies, families, and individuals.

USHEALTH also pay its insurance agents good amounts of money. Individuals working as the insurance advisor at the USHEALTH have a good pay as compared to some insurance advisor working with other health insurance companies. The basic salary of an insurance advisor at USHEALTH is approximately $70,865 while when it is combined with other benefits, the advisor gets around $121, 931. The salary range of the insurance advisors ranges from $0-150,000. The salary range is within the advisors’ salary reports. All the additional compensations added to the basic salary come to around $121,931. USHEALTH Advisors insurance refers to the strategy of attaining customers through agents of the USHEALTH. The agents work around the clock to ensure that the organization continues to enroll and advise more customers.

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George Soros Shrugs Conservative Cynicism, Donates Fortune to Charity.

The American political scene has never been so disparate as it is now, at least not in several generations. The election campaign of Donald Trump, built on violent rhetoric and rampant nationalism, helped to rise a dark cloud of hate over the United States. In line with Trump’s ascent was a rising tide of hate crimes and right-wing violence. George Soros, a billionaire progressive and philanthropist, has stood up as an icon for the left and a figure that stands to resist the dangers that Trump is pulling the United States toward. One of the big ways that George Soros is fighting back against Trump’s disastrous regime is by way of his charitable foundation, the Open Society Foundations. George Soros is in the news right now for donating nearly $18 billion of his own fortune toward the foundation and that seems to be the beginning of a great philanthropic push by Soros to try and right some very major wrongs in the world.

The Open Society Foundations was something that Soros dreamed of creating ever since he started reading the works of Karl Popper regarding an Open Society. Soros moved to America from London in the ’50s and he would go on to establish the OSF in the ’70s. Since then, Soros and his foundation have donated more than $19 billion to grassroots organizations all around the corners of the globe. Soros and his team are focused on bringing social justice, government transparency, freedom of expression and more to every place that they can find. Of course, the OSF focuses on humanitarian aid toward those in need — such as the persecuted Roma people, those who struggled under Apartheid in Africa, and even those afflicted by the most recent and deadly Ebola epidemic. For all of the good that George Soros does, why does he continually get painted as some sort of evil mastermind by those in the right-wing media?

If you listened to only right-wing sources like Breitbart or Fox News, you would be convinced that Soros was the leader behind several of the largest movements in the country — Antifa, Black Lives Matters and so on. In fact, to take this a step further, those same media sources would convince you that Soros was some sort of Machiavellian spider, capable of orchestrating nefarious plots that seemingly only damaged conservatives. This is, of course, total nonsense but the mindset has continued to poison the well of philanthropy that Soros so often turns to. By demonizing George Soros, these media sources are able to effectively shrug off the great and humanitarian work he is doing with his foundation all across the world. Some have even gone so far as to paint Soros’ recent donation to the OSF as the beginnings of a ‘liberal Death Star’ — whatever that means.

The truth about George Soros and his work with the Open Society Foundations is simple: he wants to do good things in order to help people. The OSF has become one of the most giving philanthropic foundations in the world and they are set for the foreseeable future, no matter what grumpy conservative radio hosts might say.

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Cassio Audi and the Formation of Viper

Cassio Audi is one of Brazil’s most famous musicians and local heroes. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo in 1994, and his MBA in finance from the Univeristy of Sao Paulo in 2000. However, before his university days Cassio’s immaculate musical career took flight. During his teenage years Cassio Audi’s life was filled with creativity, adventure and incredible experiences. One adventure Cassio undertook in his early life was that of a very talented drummer and musician. Cassio Audi is considered a legend in the Brazilian heavy metal scene. In 1980, Cassio became a professional drummer and musician for the heavy metal band, Viper, which he helped form and consolidate.

Cassio Audi’s band, Viper was comprised of Felipe Machad, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Andre Matos. The iconic band merged British heavy metal styles of the 1970’s with those of the modern era. Cassio was instrumental in producing two of the bands most popular albums Krillera and Soldiers of Sunrise. The band’s second album would become the most popular. The album Soldiers of Sunrise was released in 1988 and continues to inspire and entertain heavy metal fans around the world. Viper and Cassio Audi especially, is often credited with spreading and increasing the popularity of heavy metal in Latin America.

Cassio Audi even wrote several songs of his own including Wings of evil, law of the sword and the whisper. One of his songs is even featured in the Soldiers of Sunrise album. Cassio Audi left Viper in 1999 to pursue a career in finance. His incredible career in financial services would be just as brilliant as his musical ventures, but he will always be remembered as the legendary heavy metal drummer that inspired a nation and the world with his unprecedented reverberating sounds.

USHEALTH Advisors Are Breaking New Ground

USHEALTH Advisors are the national body or the health insurance marketing and distribution part of USHEALTH Group. The USHEALTH Group has been targeting the individual American’s and some sort of entrepreneurs for the services. Approximately it has almost served for about 35 years for both dynamic and diverse wants of an individual’s health. The group sells the products as supplementary products and individuals health coverage i.e. national foundation life insurance company. Stay up to date with USHealth Advisor at linkedin

The services are provided via its captive agent sales forces. In today’s time, the both USHEALTH Advisors and USHEALTH group have exponential growth in every sector. They are providing help to individuals each and every day with affordable and flexible health care.

USHEALTH Advisors – salary structure has many stages of the staffs working, the stages are the Account manager, the insurance agent and the contract insurance agent. The account manager gets his basic salary as well as the added bonus or benefits. The basic salary includes a range from $50000to $60000.

The additional bonus may include the cash, commissions, profit share and much more. The insurance agent gets the basic salary and does not have any kinds of bonuses .their basic salary includes approximate of $200,000. The contract agent also has similar as of the insurance agent. This salary stage shows the benefits and opportunities for any individual to build a bright career in USHEALTH advisors.

The health advisors BBB (better business bureau) is a rating agency or company that rates based on performance and services delivered. This BBB has reached the wider range of the population in providing services all by their appreciation by the customers.

The benefits of the better business bureau also can be seen in the field of customer service area, price structures or payments, claim areas and products. As their name suggests the better business bureau provides better services to the clients and take a complete care about the health as per the aim and objective of USHEALTH Advisors and USHEALTH Group.

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