2018 Edition Of The Noel Polk Award Goes To AIA Executive Vice President Robert Ivy

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For the first time in the history of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Awards, that are given by a Mississippi non-profit group has been given to an architect. This has surprised many people because since the start of the awards, the prize is known to be f or artists other than any other people. But on a strange turn of events, Robert Ivy, the current Chief Executive Officer of the AIA is the latest to receive the award.

When MIAL chose to honor Robert with the award, it never missed a point as some other critics are arguing. According to Nancy LaForge, the President of the MIAL, Robert Ivy deserves that award more than anybody else. “When you go to the streets, people are talking a lot on how they have benefitted from Robert’s contribution. This is a clear indication advice works,” The President said”.

Robert Ivy is a distinguished author and an architect. Before joining AIA in 2001, Robert served as an editor of an architectural journal. It is while here that Robert Ivy addressed the real challenges of the Mississippians. Hardly did he know that his writings would one day be used to determine the prize he’d receive. Today, at his position as a practicing architect with the American Institute of Architects, Robert continues to ensure that all people within his jurisdictions receive proper architectural advice.

While he is the first architect to receive the Noel Polk Award, Robert is not alone. He is actually the latest to receive the award that was given to him on June 2, 2018. Others in the league are Walter Anderson who got the prize in 1989, Morgan Freeman who received award in 2007, Eudora Welty (2001), Leontyne Price (2000), and Shelby Foote who was awarded in 2004.

In behalf if AIA, Carl Elefante, the President said that it is an honor for one of their own to receive the prize. “No one thought that one of our own could ever receive such a prize for doing something for the society. This is a motivation to do more. At the America Institute of Architects, we are very happy and proud of Robert Ivy,” said AIA President.

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