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Ted Bauman Explains Value Vs Price In Regards To Retirement

According to with Ted Bauman, there are three numbers that you need to know. These numbers should be on your mind all the time, and you should constantly know what they are. These three numbers are your credit score, your age, and your net worth. Just like you would not go on a traveling expedition without knowing how much food you need and taking that food with you, you should not enter retirement without knowing your net worth. The problem is that many people do not know their real net worth and miscalculate it.

The problem is that people confuse price with value according to Price can be used as an indicator of value, but they are two different things. You can buy something that costs a lot of money but that has no value for you. A silly little toy can cost a lot of money because it is in high demand, but the price can drop after the fad fades away.


Because price can change over time, price is not necessarily a good indicator of value. For example, if you are calculating your house’s price in your net worth when you plan for retirement, you have to take into account the fact that you may not end up selling your house for a few decades, and at that time the price may not be the same.

In fact, studies show that in a few decades from now people will not have as much money and may not be able to afford to buy houses at the same price they are selling for now. This means that the price of your house may end up going down.

The truth is that when you plan for retirement, you have to take into account value and not just price. For example, if there is a reasonable doubt that the price of an asset will go down, you cannot rely on it when you plan for retirement. This does not only apply to houses. It can also apply to other assets, such as stocks according to

The solution is to buy assets that will likely retain their value. This way, you can rely on them.

Ted Bauman is an expert at Banyan Hill publishing. He is the editor of The Bauman Letter and Alpha Stock Alert. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Some Important Facts AboutFreedom Life Insurance

It is a good idea to learn about available life insurance options. Larger insurance companies that have years of experience often have variable coverage choices. A single individual may only desire enough coverage to cover their own funeral costs and close their estates. Married couples and those with children will usually desire more coverage dollars as the family income will be affected if one parent is deceased. Many life insurance shoppers are unaware of the existing policy differences. They will need to decipher the differing descriptions of these two main life insurance popular options. With term life insurance, policy holders may have the option of obtaining additional coverage offers. Visit to know more.

Typically, term life only is meant for short term use. This is a good selection for those with limited funds for premium payments. As these rates are often reduced, many find this insurance plan an affordable way to have specifically ordered timed insurance coverage. The drawback of these plans is that these will stop when the policy expires. Some insurance businesses, as with Freedom Life Insurance, allow the policy holder to renew their expired policy if done within a limited time frame. Many other insurance companies do not allow renewal, so it is best to ask before signing on for this style of insurance.

The broad definition of permanent life insurance is insurance obtained through reputable companies, and many choose Freedom Life Insurance, although some other larger companies specializing in this insurance type will also offer these benefits. When in doubt, ask around for a fully informed decision on a wise but important investment. Freedom Life Insurance delivers timely benefit checks when a policy holder dies. This is an easy way to look out for your loved ones future monetary access. These differing insurance policies also differ in price. Shop around, and try to select the best policy for your money budget.

In addition to providing insurance, Freedom Life Insurance agents, and a few other companies, will provide their skills in figuring out customer friendly insurance plans. Instead of leaving things to chance, check into the latest life insurance recommendations. Read more:


The Path to the Creation of his First Support Home – The Career of Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has been a success by all standards. This businessman holds several positions on different boards of healthcare companies like the care and support home Sussex Healthcare, located in the UK; he’s highly respected in his field, being one of the people with the biggest reputations.

Born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania; Dr. Shafik Sachedina qualified to be a dental surgeon at the age of 25 at the Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School, University of London. Even though he was at a normal University age, he was already better than most of the other students of his school, and was doing a fantastic job as a practicist in the Dental Schoo. He has practiced in England with tons of success. One recommendation letter after the other and Shafik Sachedina was already on his way up to a successful career in dental surgery. Since that time, the professional path of the businessman only went up.

This British national businessman has influenced many institutions and undertaken some entrepreneurial work in the healthcare sector, building a name for himself.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina started Sussex Healthcare based in Sussex County in South England, as a means to create a support home with the quality research that Shafik knew he could provide. Shafik founded this company to provide adequate medical help to the aging community and provide care and support services in homes. Adding to his Chairman role at Sussex Healthcare, Dr. Shafik Sachedina gets actively involved – as the Head of Department, Jamati Institutions — in Aga Khan, Aiglemont in France. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has a vital responsibility of leading — by coordinating their programmes and activities – the institutions of the Ismaili community in the 16 major areas where the Jamati institutions are built. Apart from being a member of the Board of Governors of the institution, he serves as a committee member of the Aga Khan Development Network belonging to the Ismaili communities in Central Asia, helping to develop their programmes and institutions. His role at Jamati Institutions is a way of expressing his values of voluntary service to his community. Read more on Ismaili Imamat’s Diplomatic Corps: Senior Officials of the Seat of Ismaili Imamat, Personal Representatives of the Imam & AKDN Resident Representatives:

Dr. Shafik Sachedina serves in the role of the Chairman for the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Co-ordinating Committee. He is an active member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum. Dr. Sachedina loves to serve in various voluntary capacity, which previously included a two consecutive term in the role of the President of the Ismaili Council in the United Kingdom.Visit:


The Brilliant Vijay Eswaran

Silence has minimal space in the individuals’ lives. Individuals are always active in the presence of sound.Vijay Eswaran is the Qi Group’s chief executive.The company is based in Hong Kong. The company has enabled him to be a good businessman through the various activities that conducted at the company.

Vijay Eswaran has also been able to author a book on the maintenance strategies. The book showers praise to the quiet introspection that happens daily. Vijay holds a 9 years’ experience in the sales company. The interests he has established at the company involve the interactive marketing, e-commerce and the ecotourism.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia in a family that held the traditional Hindu tradition. The family held the traditions meditatively thereby learning the mounavratham.The ritual was always held at the knee of his grandfather. The ritual symbolized silence. The book further concentrated on the meditation which usually lasted for one hour.

Vijay’s book summarizes on the vital attributes such as encouraging individuals before they speak. The book advices individuals to always make lists that indicates their daily deeds.Vijay advises them to think always before speaking on important matter.The author has been vocal on advising leaders to use large aphorisms that are centered to spread the information that they want to achieve.

Vijay has been successful in his endeavors after following the book’s perspectives. He has been using the book’s directives for the past 18 years. The poet has managed to divide his daily activities into hours whereby he has categorized the hour into three parts. The first part involves 10 minutes and the last one takes 20 minutes.

The optimal time usually happens between 4 and 6 in the morning. The first section of the day usually entails an individual reflecting on his daily attributes of the past day. The individual usually reflects on what could have been the previous day but was not achieved. The second section day usually involves an individual planning to do what he would like to do the present day.

The third part of the day involves an individual planning the goals he wants to utilize in the day. These goals are assumed to happen the next whole week. The fourt pat involves a person reading for a whole 15 minutes.

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Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

Rodrigo Terpins Makes His Own Path

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally pilot. He was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil and attended St. Hilaire where he studied management and corporate governance. He is one of three sons of executive billionaires Denise Goldforb Terpins, and Jack Terpins. His two brothers are Ticiana and Michel.


Rodrigo Turpins is the former director of e-commerce of operations of Marisa’s, a retail chain of clothing stores owned by his family in Brazil, but his passion and greatest achievements might just be his rise to fame in rally racing. Brazilian rally racing is an off-road cross country racing event where participants attempt to maneuver and navigate their choice of off-road vehicle over a pre-designated route which can be very treacherous and may include many different terrains, such as sand, mud, rocks, hills and gullies. According to, the terrain can be very difficult to navigate and the event can last many days. Participants may race in their choice of off-road vehicle such as car, dirt bike, sports utility vehicle or 4-wheeler.


Rodrigo Terpins is a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team, a team created by he and his brother Michel. Although Michel Terpins is most known for racing on motor bikes, he too is well known for his love of rally sport racing. The brothers are becoming legends in the sport and moving both their team and names up the ranks. So much so, MEM Motorsports Organization partnered with the team allowing them to pilot their prized rally car known as “T-Rex.” T-Rex was debuted in 2011 by MEM with its 240 HP, 12-valve MWM turbo diesel engine with 4×4 traction.


In September of 2017 Rodrigo Terpins as pilot and Fabricio Bianchini as his navigation partner were awarded 8th place at the 22nd edition of Brazil Sertoes. They were driving car #326, Prototype category T1. Do a quick Google search to learn more about Rodrigo Terpins.,54bd7cb0f5c5c9af717c8be93fc5d9afbnagcihv.html

Securus Technologies – A Recognized Leader in Providing Correction Facilities Services

Inmates are isolated from the rest of the world and require a way to stay connected with their families and friends. This is what Securus Technologies Company aims to facilitate. It is one of the largest providers of inmate communication coming up with innovative technical solutions and responsive customer support. These technological solutions facilitate in ensuring public safety, corrections, investigation, and monitoring of rehabilitation facilities. Their commitment to providing excellent customer support has seen them being accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and got a rating of A+.

Such commitments have been shown through establishing an in-house domestic call center with 220 seat capacity. This move was meant to boost customer support to about 25m friends and family members of the inmates. It was not in vain as it gave the company more control in handling their customers and permitted them to meet the standards set by BBB hence the accreditation. Their staffs are trained per these standards thereby enabling them to respond to more than 2.5 m calls monthly. The certification confirmed that Securus is indeed the largest facility provider and has the most extensive team in this field.

Their success in the field is also portrayed in other ways where it acquired JPay Inc through a Stock Purchase Agreement. The company is a leader in establishing electronic payments, email and host of applications associated with entertainment and education in rehabilitation centers. The transaction made Securus the quickest developing segments in correction facilities regarding payments, communication through email and introduction of tablets to inmates. The company can practically provide any high tech software based that correction facilities require to run a modern prison. If you are looking for best products at best prices and one that has the best security while addressing the issues of recidivism, you are well covered with this company.


Teaming up with Eric Lefkofsky in Fighting Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is among the top most prominent entrepreneurs in Chicago. He is widely known for donating hundreds of dollars to support research activities about cancer. Supporting and creating charitable organizations is a clear indication that he has positively impacted the lives of many. In his journey of helping to control cancer, becoming the Co-founder of Tempus is evidently one of the greatest hallmarks.

Born on September 2, 1969 in Michigan, USA, Eric Lefkofsky completed Law School from the University of Michigan. He had a humble start in life, selling carpets at the university to earn a living. Despite this, he currently has a net worth of more than 2.2 billion US dollars. As the old saying goes, hard work yields fruits. Besides being the co-founder, he is also the Chief Executive Officer at Tempus Company.

Huge Investment by Eric to Fight Cancer

Let’s talk about this Tempus. Tempus is a health tech company which has created infrastructure to provide a modernized approach in battling cancer. They help doctors and therapists understand better the tumor developing on their specific patient. By educating the doctors on the genomic codes of their patients by analyzing large volumes of genomic data, the patients are able to get better by receiving personalized treatment.

Understanding Prior Cancer

In the US, most patients diagnosed with cancer have survived prior cancer, and unfortunately, excluded from clinical observation or trials since their treatment and survival needs are not known. Understanding the nature of prior cancer is crucial in improving the patient’s health. Understanding the human molecular map has been made possible through genome sequencing. This is behind the personalized treatment of cancer patients in Tempus by intensely studying their tumors.

With the cancer surviving population growing gradually, it is critical to understand the impact and nature of prior cancer. This improves the trial accrual and the accuracy of the study of trial results, disease outcome, observational studies, and patient experience.

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