Stephen Murray One Of New York’s Top Buy Deal Makers

Stephen Murray passed away last February at the age of 52. He had recently left his position as CEO of CCMP Capital group just a month prior. He had a long career in the financial sector in New York City that was mostly focused on mergers and buyouts. He was also known as a great philanthropist. He served and worked for many different charitable organizations during his time in New York City. Despite his untimely death, Murray led a long and productive life and left a great legacy as a leader in growth investing in New York City.


Stephen Murray was born and was raised in Westchester, NY. Westchester is a nice suburb of the New York City. He did well in school there and later left to go to college. He moved to Boston to pursue his undergraduate degree in economics which he received in 1984. He then made the move back to New York City where he got his Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University. He also started his fledgling financial career during this period.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Hanover Trust

His first job after his undergrad was in the credit department at the Hanover Trust. He quickly showed a proclivity for finance and making great deals. Because of this, he quickly climbed the ladder at Hanover and was promoted to VP of Middle-Market investing in 1989. He also helped start a private fund during his time at Hanover that would later develop into CCMP 15 years later.


Hanover went through a few mergers during Stephen Murray’s time with the trust. This was until they were finally merged with Chase Manhattan Bank. The merger with Chase happened in 1996. Murray worked at chase in a similar role until he was put in charge of all buyout operations at J.P. Morgan & Chase in 2000. He earned this role by proving time and time again that he had a knack for making great deals when it came to mergers and buyouts.


CCMP Capital spun out from Chase in 2006 because the bank had bought out Bank One. It was thought that there would be a conflict of interest between the private equity divisions of both firms. To prevent that, CCMP was founded under the guidance of Murray. The fund is said to be worth about $12 Billion today. The average amount of investment transactions that they perform is around $100-$500 million per transaction.

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Marvelously Modern, Artistically Ancient: OrganoGold

OrganoGold truly breaks the containment barriers of expectations within the world of network marketing and consumable herbal product design and presentation. The company also leads the topmost competitors of the network marketing industry at their own game by spreading at ever increasing rates through every walk of life and every unique lifestyle.

The company was founded by an affluent business mogul by the name of Bernardo Chua. Chua decided that the various, extensive health benefits of Ganoderma while long known and appreciated by Chinese natives ever since ancient times, the mystical herb’s healthful properties and powerful potential to bring balance to one’s life had gone unearthed and unknown in the rest of the world for far too long.

It was at this time that Bernardo Chua started his company: OrganoGold, which has just expanded into Turkey.

Since the company started, OrganoGold has seized and locked down the world record for the sheer amount of products sold that contain and/or are infused with the medicinal properties of the ancient Chinese herb: Ganoderma.

Beyond the products and visions of the revered company, the network marketers who join up with the cause of OrganoGold are treated as and made to feel like they are a huge part of an even more vast family. Marketers are assured that there are countless resources available to them to aid them in their progression upward in the company. OrganoGold focuses on its now unstoppable growth and expansion, while still managing to invigorate and motivate new members of the company through the honest process of forever altering their lives for the better, making improvements to their quality of living in a manner that is extremely daunting and difficult to achieve without assistance.

There are countless reasons why OrganoGold is the giant it has grown into–all of them assure newcomers that they are in for one of the greatest experiences of their lives.  Bernardo Chua has won many awards here, and there’s a reason for that.  To figure this out for yourself, join the conversation on Facebook, and read more about Bernardo on ZoomInfo.

Most Ridiculous Wiki Edits Made by Congress

Congress is known for being filled with some interesting characters, but one of the most unique discoveries was made by software developer Ed Summers who started tracking the Wiki edits that members of congress made to Wikipedia and posting the more unusual edits on twitter.

Most of the changes that were made involved promotions or other changes in status of members of Congress, but there were also a number of more interesting ones, including a number of resume padders. One example, found in SF Gate, involves Tim Hueslkamp, a Republican from Kansas. Someone added a section calling him a “National Conservative Leader”. He’s alienated himself from party leaders recently and the twitter account does not name who made the edit, so it’s unclear what the editor’s exact motivations were.

Other edits made by members of Congress and their staff are more funny than anything else. For example someone added Harambe’s name to the list of political leaders whose assassination may be part of a conspiracy. Another edit added the phrase “not chicken” to the entry for Ham.

Other edits are more strange than funny or have some kind of political motivations. For example one editor removed the phrase that intelligent design and creationism are psuedo-scientific. In an article about torture, the phrase “enhanced interrogation techniques” was removed as a euphemism for torture.

These Wikipedia edits underline the importance of using qualified Wikipedia editors to make changes to  articles in order to make sure that information on the website remains factual and unbiased. Get Your Wiki is reputable service that will create and edit a Wikipedia page about you or your business easy.

Because Wikipedia is open source and free and easy to use, that means that anyone can update a Wikipedia page. Most edits are designed to be helpful, but there are a few that are created as malicious attacks or to push a particular agenda. That is why it is important for a business or a busy professional to use a service that not only creates a positive and accurate page, but also help protect the page against these kinds of malicious attacks.

One of the biggest reasons why people create their own Wikipedia pages is because it adds a level of authenticity to their brand or business. It can also provide potential customers and clients with an easy to read biography or history that can be quickly found by any search engine. With the amount of benefits, it becomes particularly important to do it right.

Brazil: The Country of Lawyers and Law Schools

Brazil, a former Portuguese colony, derives most of its laws from the Portuguese, French, Italian and German Civil law. Brazil has been a Federative nation since the implementation of the Federal Constitution on Oct 21, 1988. The Constitution organizes the country in 26 federate states. Each state has the power to adopt its laws; however, the laws must conform to those spelled out in the Federal Constitution.

The arms of the government are the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature. The judicial system is made up of many courts. These courts interpret the constitution and execute the law. The Apex is the highest court of appeal and is the guardian of the Federal Constitution. The Apex court has all the constitutional rights to uphold federal legislation and treaties.

Law and lawyers

The country has numerous law schools. In 2007, the country had 1,024 courses with 197,664 law students. As of 2010, the country had 621,885 lawyers. The State of São Paulo led the pack with 222,807 lawyers followed by Rio de Janeiro with 112,515 lawyers then the State of Minas Gerais with 63,978 lawyers.

Law is among the most esteemed and promising courses in the country. Law students take five years in a law school before graduating. After graduation, the student can’t practice law until they pass the Bar Examination. One of the renowned lawyers in the country is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Born on 11th March 1963, Mr. Tosto graduated from the Mackenzie University with a degree in law. He also has an extension in BA from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. Mr. Ricardo started out small in a tiny office in Brazil but as of today, his law firm is among the largest in Brazil. His practice areas are civil law, banking law, political and election law, business criminal law, debt and credit restructuring, commercial law and contracts. He has successfully defended many high profile individuals and companies.

Tosto is a partner and a founding member of Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados and is also part of the Brazilian Bar Association. He is a founding member of Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Research. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is highly recognized in criminal litigation and different people, firms and even governments turn to him for help.

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Fun Colors, Smooth Lips, Evolution of Smooth

Everyone needs to use a lip balm to keep their lips in their best health. Some people do not use a lip balm every day, and when chapped lips strike they are left scrambling and running to the chap stick aisle to find a product that will soothe. The crazy thing is that when most reach this aisle, it is loaded with products of every type, shape and size. How is one supposed to know the product that will work for them, that will diagnose their chapping issue and be good for their lips?
The answer is, most of these products won’t do the job. A lot of lip balm products on the market are laden with harsh chemicals that may do more harm than good, or the product is “all natural” but does not contain the right formulation of natural ingredients to make any kind of difference.

Fortunately, there is a new balm on the market that can be trusted for every day use and in the case of emergency. EOS lip balms are the natural and organic choice. They are made of all natural ingredients, they taste great and smell wonderful, but they also work. With a combination of Jojoba, Vitamin E, and Shea butter, the balms seal in moisture and eradicate chap. Check pout for product listing.

Just because these products are all natural doesn’t mean they look “crunchy”. The packaging is bright, spherical, and modern looking making these products just as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

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Don Ressler Has Grown To Be A Boss

Don Ressler began his career as CEO of a small company called Intelligent Beauty. It wasn’t to long until Intelligent Beauty began branching other small companies out of it. This was due to the wonderful skills and mindset of Don Ressler. Don Ressler then went on the become CEO of several other small companies.

What Don Ressler really loved to do was engage in advertising and sales. He was very happy when he linked up with Adam Goldenberg. The two created an advertising branch within Intermix Media. Ressler and Goldenberg were bringing in millions of dollars in no time. They understood that online shopping was fairly new at this time, about 2004, and they knew people would be glad to shop right out of their home. This caused Ressler and Goldenberg to conduct most of their advertising online.

Intermix Media was then bought out a few years later. The new owners brought in a new advertising team. This meant that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had to search out new opportunities and new heights.

Ressler and Goldenberg attempted to start a few businesses that involved selling products for skin care. They eventually dove into the weight loss industry and created a company called SENSA at They went the smart route and did not do this alone. They brought in a Dr. Alan Hirsch; he is a weight loss doctor, and Ressler and Goldenberg believed he would be perfect to oversee the entire operation.

SENSA went into an even more positive direction when Ressler and Goldenberg were able to hire the CEO of Intermix Media. SENSA soon developed amazing products with amazing advertising to go with them. In less than five years, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg brought in almost 50 million dollars. Market analysts could not believe this since the weight loss and skin care market at that time was not flourishing at all. In fact, many similar companies were going bankrupt or were already closed at that time.

Don Ressler and Goldenberg were happy to see all of their hard work paying off. They were also happy that all the failure they experienced in the past was not experienced in vain.