Talk Fusion: Business Your Way

I don’t think there is anything wrong with saying that we all want a little control back in our lives. It doesn’t mean we are control freaks or everything has to be our way or the highway. We aren’t stubborn and we aren’t difficult people. In fact, we just want to feel free and have some freedom. We want to have a say in our lives in terms of what we do, how we behave, where we go, and how we live our lives. We only get one life after all, and each day is a gift. Because of this, it is important that we live each and every day to the fullest. We don’t have any regrets and we get the most out of everything that we can.

Now, that can happen for you and it can happen for anyone with Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, which was founded in 2007. You can be your own boss and you can be in control of your future. If you have a great idea that you have always thought about but never told anyone, now you can make it become real life. There are no longer fantasies or just talk. They are your life. You don’t have to pinch yourself, as you aren’t dreaming. What you are experiencing is true happiness. In my mind, there is no better feeling in the world than experiencing true happiness every day you wake up in the morning.

No longer do you have to dread the sound of your alarm clock or sleepwalk your way through a day of work. Work can be something you look forward to. As a matter of fact, as the old adage goes, when you are doing what you love, you never have to work a single day in your life. It doesn’t feel like work and it isn’t work. Life is a wondrous joy and everyone around you will notice the difference in your personality.

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Enterprise Communication Software Saved Our Company

Our business was one of the biggest successes any of us had ever seen, but we were drowning in the demands that were placed on us by clients and customers. We were in need of a communications solution that made all our staff efficient, but we were not able to create the solution alone. We turned to enterprise communications, and we learned about the basic system Eric Pulier created long ago. This is a review of how we changed our operations using Eric’s forward-thinking technology.

#1: Enterprise Connects All Our Devices

We had a dream to connect cell phones to computers and email accounts, and I personally saw the effects of this once we installed new enterprise software. We have our corporate email accounts attached to every device, and we may monitor phone records from our offices using the software. I first learned of enterprise software from my father who was a contemporary of Eric Pulier during the Y2K transition.

#2: Eric Created A Better Y2K Transition Plan

Eric was involved in the committee that prepared America for Y2K during Bill Clinton’s presidency. He was invited to the committee given his innovation with technology for the disabled, and he was working on enterprise software that is still used today. His input was used to help keep America safe, and government agencies began to adopt the software he created. It was quite helpful to see an example of the software in action.

#3: How Does Eric Continue To Stay Involved?

Eric has remained involved in the technology community by participating in the X Prize and non-profits that promote innovation. He has chosen to ensure that innovation will continue in his industry, and he works quite hard with new entrepreneurs who are learning to apply their technology to the world at-large.

I have been personally-impacted by the work Eric has done, and we credit him for saving our business. Communications have become quite simple since we began using enterprise communications, and it is far simpler for our clients to send us orders given a renewed connection between our phones and computers.

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Giving Back & Persisting Towards Your Future With Eric Pulier

Diversant LLC Use Diverse Solutions for Success

John Goullet has led an industry defining life. The industry he has defined is the IT staffing sector and he is only 55 years old. This may come as a surprise, but it really shouldn’t since John Goullet has been involved in the IT staffing sector since 1994 and in IT consulting before that. He has had a lifetime of experience, setbacks, and great successes to shape him into the man he is today that now shapes the industry he grew up in. One of his most notable successes was with Info Technologies which was held the #8 spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing, privately-held firms in the United States. John Goullet’s greatest success thus far started in 2010 when Info Technologies merged with Diversant to create Diversant LLC which is a defining force in the IT staffing sector with his guidance as the Principal Executive.

Diversant LLC has been doing things with a different objective and a different long term goal than other companies since its inception. As the name suggests it is heavily invested in diversity with all of the inventiveness, culture, and benefits that come with it. This diversity isn’t only a boon for the company but also Diversant LLC’s clients. Clients can always expect to meet their quality and diversity objectives when using placements from Diversant for their information technology solutions.

Diverant LLC doesn’t end its list of differences with how it selects its consultants. Instead, the list of differences extends into the way they give back to the community. Diversant LLC gives directly back to the community that gave birth to it as the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the country it supports the Harlem Business Alliance. This organization was founded in 1980 and works to make Harlem an economically self-sustaining community with a strong workforce and a healthy influx of culture, education, and business to the iconic community.

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James Dondero from Highland Capital Management and Linda Owen Team Up For Philanthropy

Mr. James Dondero, the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management has joined forces with Linda Owen who is a Dallas, Texas civic leader and the former president of a nearby foundation; The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The alliance is meant to provide a framework for future Highland Capital Management philanthropic efforts in the community in and surrounding Dallas as the firm’s charity programs continue to expand.

Linda Owen will be the firm’s manager for charitable giving, working with The Dallas Foundation, which currently oversees Highland’s charitable fund.

James Dondero said that as philanthropic activities expanded a dedicated professional was required to help facilitate the charitable contributions by the firm to make the most impact. Dondero went on to explain the long standing track record of Owens and that including her in managing the funds will help make the impacts tangible in the community.

Highland has contributed over $3 million yearly to charitable organizations via The Dallas Foundation and the donations have largely focused on supporting education, veterans’ causes, health care and, as a whole, the Dallas community.

Linda Owen commented on Highland’s strong commitment to philanthropy, saying it was inspiring but that their work goes beyond just funding. She explained how employees were dedicating their own time and energy to produce real results for some of these nonprofit organizations they work with.

Owen oversaw the completion of Klyde Warren Park within the local area while acting as CEO and president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.

Mr. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets and additionally is the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank; and also serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. You can read about James Dondero on his website here and the original article about Linda Owen and Highland Capital Management collaboration here.

JustFab Inc. Names a Veteran as the CFO

Launching trendy outfits on a regular basis is a strategy JustFab utilizes to remain fully relevant in the rapidly changing fashion industry. The firm appointed Todd Tappin as the President and Finance Chief. Previously, Tappin served as Chief Finance Officer and COO at Rubicon Project, an online advertisement tech company that he helped to go public in 2014. Having served as the Managing Director of Gores Group, a private-held equity company, Tappin brings a professional expertise of guiding new startups to go public and still manage to retain their markets.

Just Fab was worth $1 billion and had 4 million VIP members in 2014. The company is looking forward to earning revenue of more than $650 million this year. Tappin believes the firm will achieve its target since it has several options as well as a strong bottom line. The company is planning to expand its financial arsenal and acquire successful firms in the fashion industry.

Tappin could not hide his joy for being appointed to serve in such an influential position. He promised to dedicate all his effort, professional expertise, and time in ensuring JustFab has achieved its strategic investment goal.


JustFab (previously called Justfabolous) is a renowned online subscription fashion company that supplies handbags, denim, shoes, and jewelry. It provides outfits that are designed based on fashion needs and preferences of members. JustFab Inc. carries a portfolio of top online subscription brands like ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and FabKids. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler established the company in 2010 while Kimora Lee Simmons became the Creative Director and President in September 2011.

JustFab has received millions of dollars from US ventures capital companies such as Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Technology Crossover to expand its global operations to UK, Canada, and Germany.  Read more: Fashion Unicorn Startup JustFab Inc. Taps CFO With IPO Experience

The El Segundo, the California-based firm had 2015 employees in 2015. The organizational structure of JustFab has changed from a functional structure to a blend of divisional and functional structural grouping. The firm has over 33 million members worldwide. Women pay a monthly subscription of $39.95 to receive frequent shipments of new outfits that suit their preference. In 2012, JustFab was attracting over 500,000 new users per month.

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Jim Hunt’s Wealth Wave Is Changing The Possibilities Of Wealth Generation

Jim Hunt is an active on financial strategist that builds wealth for individuals around the world. He encourages taking your life in your own hands and becoming your own boss. Many people don’t live out their dreams because of negative people. Hunt advocates surrounding yourself with positive people. Often times, people are told they don’t have the resources or the time to invest in your dreams. VTA Publications provides over 5,000+ money making strategies. They also provide anytime tech support and tuition assistance for their clients. You’re guaranteed wealth building solutions with his courses.

VTA Publications is becomingly increasingly popular among individuals that really want to build their financial outlook. Clients that use the VTA program offers the freedom of being your own boss, building confidence, and establishing your name. Hunt hands over the keys to success through proven and tested financial strategies. VTA Publications partners with Wealth Wave to offer courses that are guaranteed to change your life. Your dream lifestyle is waiting just around the corner. Put your financial future in your own hands and watch your life your life transform completely.

VTA Publications strategies and courses are being offered online at your own pace. You getting money making techniques that will help you earn money from the stock market. Hunt teaches you how to invest in your future by the downfall of the stock market. Ordinarily you’re expected to invest in the stock market when it’s doing well, but Jim Hunt teaches you how to build off of the markets downfall. In fact, VTA Publications offers many other financial solutions. His clients eliminate their debt, buy new homes, boats, and begin to invest in stocks. You can receive referral bonuses for inviting your friends to the VTA Publications.

Hunt continues to apply technological advances to his money making strategies to bring you more wealth solutions, evidence of which can be found on his YouTube. You can easily visit VTA Publications online on their official website for more details on how to build your financial expectations. Hunt understands that starting your own business helps you generate a substantial guaranteed income solution.  Check out the articles Hunt writes for VTA Publications.

Put WEN By Chaz To The Test And See Your Hair Transform Within A Week


Emily McClure a die-hard hair care fanatic and writes a blog on beauty and fashion for her readers. She put the Sephora endorsed Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner to a seven day test. She lusted after the beautiful and luscious hair it boasted that it could give her. As a blog writer, she of course wanted her readers to come along for the trip.

Her hair was thin and straight. Desperate to follow the directions to the letter, she used exactly what WEN recommended. As she applied the product she loved the way it made her hair feel. The blow dry after was surprising how shiny and thicker her hair felt.

On day 4 Emily had to skip her morning routine because she woke up late. She was taken back on how oily her hair looked. Never-the-mind, she had to get to work and used alot of dry shampoo at the salon she worked at. She learned that if she wanted beautiful, shiny hair, she had to shampoo every morning.

By day seven, Emily’s hair had received complements on how shiny it was. Emily loved the fact her hair looked so healthy and shiny, but not that she had to get up earlier to get a shower and shampoo. WEN Hair had done what it promised by the way it felt and remained shiny all day.

WEN products are available on Amazon in several varieties depending on what you expect from it. Since it was a three-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling product, she could do away with so many bottles in her bathroom. Emily had used the Fig variety for the shine and fullness.

A limited edition variety like Summer Coconut Lime Verbena Cleansing Conditioner, works on all hair types. The antioxidant rich four-teas complex with the oils of coconut, lime and verbena and natural extracts to assure that beautiful shine you desire as well as volume.

Your hair will have enhanced volume and shine all day. Since it’s also a limited edition, it’s probably not going to be around long. Try it while you can.

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How Does Thor Halvorssen Help People With Human Rights Violations?

The human Rights Foundation was started by Thor Halvorssen to help as many people who are suffering from human rights abuses, and he wanted to know that he could help people in every way possible. He knows that he cannot go into some countries and make a difference, but he also knows that having offices with volunteers will change lives. He takes to the airwaves to help the people he cannot reach, and he believes that a full media blitz is the only way to keep human rights abuses fresh in the minds of the public.

According to Forbes, Everyone can watch the news cycle turn over without a problem, and they will notice that some of the worst stories about human rights problems will fall by the wayside. The only way to keep those stories fresh to for someone to push to keep them going, and that is what Thor Halvorssen chooses to do. He knows that he will be able to change lives just by talking, and he will even come over to America to talk about the difference between socialism and communism. He is a very smart man, and he is very focused on keeping his human rights agenda in the press.

Even if just one person hears the stories that Thor Halvorssen is talking about, they could be very moved to make a change in their own lives. He also wants to be sure that he will be able to help people who are most in need. He knows that he can send volunteers out to help, and he wants to be sure that he is well prepared for that.


Lovangaza Foundation Plans to Achieve its Milestones by 2035

The founders of Lovaganza are Genevieve Gagnon and J.F Gagnon have a made plans to start the mother of all foundations. The main aim of the foundation is to offer all humans in the world quality life. This dream will be achieved by empowering, uniting and inspiring different foundations and companies in the globe to embrace the same agenda. Lovaganza foundation has one main objective: they want to ensure that every child in the world gets quality life by 2035.

The Lovaganza foundation is a non-profit making organization. The organization is funded by some of the profit making projects from the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. These are different productions that simultaneously provoke international impact and the same time generates money to finance the organization. The programs, research for documentaries and campaigns carried out by the Lovaganza foundation require a lot of funds, and most of it will be coming from the entertainment franchise. Most of the events will be international, and they will offer the foundation opportunities.

In order to achieve their first milestone, Lovaganza has proposed several goals. These goals are expected to change and evolve as the foundation progresses. The first goal is to ensure that the children have good access to clean and safe drinking water. The second goal is to make sure that there is sufficient food for the children. The organization also wants the children to have a good place to sleep and adequate clothing.

Healthcare is crucial for the children. Lastly, the foundation will also ensure that the children in the world are completely in a safe environment. This will involve avoiding children participation in war, child marriages and child labor.

In future, Lovaganza is planning to start different headquarters in all the continents. These will be known as Lovaganza centers, and they will research and study the challenges faced by the children in different nations in the world. Once they have realized where they are in their goals, it will be easy to propose a good and clear vision.

Different foundations in the world are expected to start their research in various nations in the world about the quality of life for children this year. The results from these foundations will then be used in documentaries to come up with solutions.

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Manse On Marsh Wins Caring Star Award

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living community serving the San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande areas. It is known for offering private homes, medical care, housekeeping services and transportation to all residents. This is why the community has won the Caring Star award for the second year in a row.

The Caring Star award is based on the ratings and reviews in the Senior Care Directory of A community must have an average rating greater than four stars, one five-star review and no unresolved negative reviews to qualify for the award. The Manse on Marsh has received several five-star reviews between the months of December and September. The community also maintained an average rating of five-stars throughout the year.

There are many potential residents and families who use Internet-based reviews to find an assisted living community. Families who have experience with the community can leave feedback by writing a review and using the rating system on the website. The Manse On Marsh has received a high rating and positive reviews from visitors and loved ones. The feedback helps other families find the right assisted living facility for their loved ones.

The Manse on Marsh is the only assisted living facility in the area that ensures residents only receive and pay for the services they actually need. The services include meal reminders, bathing, grooming, laundry, medication management, transportation and electric pendant used to call for assistance.

The residents and their families are grateful for the love and hard work provided by the staff of this facility. The staff provides seniors with the care they need without taking away their independence. Potential residents and their families are welcome to schedule a tour of the campus.