The Cost Of Freedom For Yeonmi Park

Ensuring that people are free from violence and have basic shelter, food, and clean water are what human rights activists strive to bring to the world. There are some instances when people are treated so badly by their government that they choose to flee from their homeland no matter what the risk to their personal safety.

Yeonmi Park was one such person. Brought up in a pretty well off family she soon found that they had fallen on the wrong side of the North Korean government. This meant that her father was imprisoned, her mother lost her job and Yeonmi and her sister were soon fearful for their survival.
Ms. Yeonmi Park has complained that the government put them in a situation where they were continually hungry. She attests to her feeling very depressed and wanting to die. Her choice to flee her country was one that would mean her eventual rape and abuse but she felt this was less serious than the life threatening situation she was living in.
Freedom was not a word that she had heard of.
Her quest to acquire a better way of life has cost her. Many do not believe her story and feel that she is an attention grabber. She has lost her father to cancer, for he died shortly after being released from prison and trying to get out of the country. Her sister has refused to leave and has remained in North Korea with other family members and does not talk to Yeonmi Park anymore.
Yeonmi was a brave girl who took her life into her own control. She has attained freedom and no longer worries about her own safety or whether she will have food to eat.

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Feminists are Editing Wikipedia for Gender Equality

An institution that is run by volunteers under the name of The Interference Archives is run with the purpose of dealing with social movements. The vendors have decided to edit a few articles under the theme of art and feminism. Their aim was to deal with the gender gap that has been put forth by Wikipedia by adding more coverage on women when it comes to the arts. One interesting thing to note is that most of the editors are male. One thing that causes issues with the editing on Wikipedia is that the interface is very heavy with codes. 

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